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Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

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Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies is a popular CBD brand that offers a huge selection of hemp-based, CBD isolated products. Their deliciously flavored CBD gummies, tinctures, e-liquids and pre-filled vape cartridges provide many options to suit your preferred flavor and method of consuming CBD.Hemp Bombs e-liquids are great for filling your own vape tanks and cartridges. These e-liquids are packed with tasty, bold flavors ranging from juicy fruits to rich, creamy flavors.  All CBD liquids vape smoothly and produce satisfyingly dense clouds similar to a nicotine e-juice, but without the nicotine.

We tried the e-liquids filling empty cartridges paired with the CCELL PALM battery as well as with a CCELL DART pod system and Rokin Mini Tank battery.

Looking for an empty vape cartridges/tanks?

Check out the CCELL TH2 cart or purchase a Rokin Mink Tank Oil Kit which includes one cartridge.

Taste & Flavor

We had the opportunity to try out several Hemp Bombs products including a peppermint flavored tincture, assorted gummy bears, and a few flavored e-liquids.

The gummy bears are soft chew candies that taste just as you’d expect from a sugary gummy candy. The peppermint tincture has a bold minty flavor that’s cool on the tongue. These are both great edible options for those with irritated lungs or if you simply prefer to avoid inhaling smoke and vapor.

The e-liquids were amazing, jam-packed with sweet-fruity and creamy flavors.

We tried these e-liquid flavors:

  • Mango, Spearmint
  • Vanilla Cupcake Swirl
  • Glazed Chocolate Donut

The flavor can be overpowering if you’re more into natural cannabis, but if you’re down with flavored products, these are outstanding!Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

Potency & Lab Facts

All Hemp Bombs CBD products are pure CBD isolate derived from hemp. That means these products contain no nicotine, and are completely free of THC and any psychoactive ingredients (this stuff will NOT get you high).

Depending on the particular product ,such as tincture versus gummies, the potency of CBD can vary.

The 1 oz. (30 ml) tincture, for example, contains 1000 mg of CBD while the 30-piece container of gummies contains 450 mg of CBD. Each piece of gummy candy will deliver about 15 mg while a 1 ml syringe dose of the concentrated CBD tincture will deliver 30 mg of CBD.

Hemp Bombs product are third-party lab tested. You can check out the lab reports here.

Strain selection

Rather than choice of strain, Hemp Bombs offers CBD products by flavor and strength. They have an overwhelming amount of flavor options for all of their products.

Here is a small list of some of Hemp Bomb e-liquid flavors and their respective CBD concentrations by mg.Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

Final Thoughts

From reducing inflammation, treating insomnia or managing pain or anxiety, many people are finding relief from using CBD products. With Hemp Bombs you’ll have plenty of options in terms of flavors, vaping and edibles to choose from. They even have topicals like lotions and creams. Surely you will find some type of Hemp Bomb products to suit your needs.

Of course we love vaping over here so we’d recommend any of their vape products. And best of all, these Hemp Bombs products can be conveniently ordered online and shipped straight to your door!

Price & Where to Buy

You can order all Hemp Bombs CBD products online and have them shipped directly to your door. Since they are 100% hemp-based CBD products, there’s no need for a medical doctor’s recommendation.

Typical prices:

  • 450mg CBD Gummies 30-pieces for $60
  • 300mg CBD E-liquid 60ml for $50


E-liquids for example are available in different sized ml bottles including 16.5, 60 ml, or 120 ml.

The 60 ml bottles alone have CBD potencies available at 300, 1000 and 2000 mg depending on your desired strength.

Be sure to use the discount code “CANNABISVAPES” at checkout for 10% off your entire order.


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