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 What is Stiiizy

Stiiizy pods is a vape pen company that was created in 2017, and has since gained much popular favor. They designed a product that is different than the other commonly found 510 threaded vape pen cartridges. …

Is Stiiizy legal?

There are no regulations for these devices in the e-cig or cannabis industry, so there are no standards, Green noted. While some vape brands, such as Brass Knuckles and Stiiizy, test their concentrates for pesticides and residual solvents and list the results on their websites, others may only tout potency


Early, Sweet, Pungent Stiiizy

Relaxing, Happy, Euphoric


An indica-dorminant hybrid between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. Do-Si-Dos has qualities similar to Girl Scout Cookies that offer a buzz that melts down the body.

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Weight 1 oz


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