Who We Are

Cannabis 420 Dispensary is a non-profit organization specializes in delivering medical marijuana world wide. We are based on Virginia USA and ship Cannabis Marijuana worldwide to customers’ doorsteps. The cannabis, medical marijuana we deal with comes from the award-winning vendors and we obtain well-tested marijuana reports whenever available. All products are high in quality and well tested from our teams of professionals.
Medical marijuana many types of varieties of products available here. Specially designed and well-tested check the best products different flavors, varieties available here. A refreshing way to start your day, many types of vapes and cartridges available too in many shapes and flavors. What you got from is the best products and advanced type of vapes. Book a product and get it delivered in 2 days at your doorsteps.
Have no idea where to start, or just want to see how friendly we are on the phone? Call or text us at Our mission is to provide a 1st class delivery service for the medicinal use of Marijuana. The medication that we carry comes from award-winning vendors; we aim to ensure the highest quality. Our partnerships with licensed physicians allow us to provide mobile consultations for those who may be interested in medicinal marijuana treatment.

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